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Replica IWC Watches, Best Fake IWC for sale

Generally well built fake, are quite good, the watch movement is not bad at all. Although the IWC replicas watch likes to use ETA, it can't deny its noble status.

The pointer of a replica watch is able to move because it has a hair in the core. The usual hair is made of metal material, showing a strip of thin strips. Then it is twisted on the bar shaft, and after it is tightened, it will release and release the energy drive pointer.

Bi-directional automatic chain technology has been considered to be a symbol element of IWC replica since it was carried to the engineer's watch in 1955. Its design principle has been fixed for a long time. It has been tested.

But there are also some defects in the IWC table bidirectional automatic chain up technology. When the watch wears the watch, the two pawls are constantly changing gears, and the wear can not be ignored.

The new material for the IWC bi-directional automatic chain system is a special zirconia, not a practical ordinary ceramic in our life. It is not so easily broken.

FAKE IWC Watch features

The biggest feature is "good-looking", IWC and common reversing wheels. The magic poles are all empty, so don't say that IWC has a high chain efficiency. In fact, there are many factors affecting the efficiency of the chain, and it is difficult to compare the "upper chain structure design" simply. The reversing wheel covers the invisible, the magic lever has no IWC scale, or the magic pole looks good.

One of my friends does have one, and he hasn't complained. I can’t really say how good it is , as I’ve only seen him wear it, and I looked at it for a couple times. Feels sturdy, the writing is perfect, but wear & tear wise, I can’t pronounce myself.

Blue minute marks are too big, Minute hand too short, Position of "Schaffhausen" too far down, Subdials too small and too close to the center, Number 30 on lower subdail misaligned, Blue elements are brighter, Hands and blue minute marks are brighter than numbers.

If you have a little technical advantage, the IWC chain has a shock arm that slows down the shock and shock in the use of the chain.

IWC replicas are common for replica starters.

Cheap Replica IWC Watches,  IWC AAA Replica Watches

Most cases you get one from a friend who wants to give you some luxury watch, but sadly, does not have the bank for it.

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